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Letter Writing Campaign II: Awareness to Advertisers

As you well know, the Mormon Church funneled $15 million into the “Yes on Prop 8” Campaign.  What you may not know is that the Mormon Church owns a company called the Bonneville Corp.  Bonneville owns and operates many radio stations nationwide.  List of assets available here

Do you think their advertisers would like to know that they are supporting hate mongers?

1)  Pick a radio station:

In Salt Lake City:  100.3FM, 102.7FM, 103.5FM, 820AM, 1160AM, 5 (KSL-TV)

In St. Louis:  92.3FM, 101.1FM, 106.5FM, 1430AM

In Chicago:  97.1FM, 96.9FM, 100.3FM, 101.9FM

In Washington DC:  103.5FM, 103.9FM, 107.7FM, 1500AM, 820AM, 1050AM, 104.1FM

In Phoenix:  98.7FM, 92.3FM, 620AM, 860AM

In Seattle:  710AM, 770AM, 97.3FM

In Cincinnati:  94.9FM, 97.3FM, 101.9FM, 105.1FM

In Los Angeles:  100.3 The Sound

2)  Listen to them (many stream on the web), write down their advertisers and write a letter!  Using you can find their advertisers address. 

Many of these advertisers DO NOT KNOW that they are supporting an organization which finances hate.  Simply write a letter asking them to take their advertising dollars elsewhere.


Written by kickingalion

November 8, 2008 at 3:14 pm

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