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Save Fresno’s March!

Event Cancellation, Finances, and


 Due to lack of funds and support for some marches, we have had to Cancel our planned Rally on the State Capital for Tuesday, but look for more information on a larger rally we are working on there later this month.

 Also, The Fresno march is on the verge of cancellation, so please, if you want it to continue, DONATE and VOLUTEER, we need confirmed attendees and people willing to help!


The same goes for all the other rallies, these things are expensive, tonights rally in Silverlake was fairly cheap at just under $4,000. The Peir is expensive, San Francisco is REAL expensive, so Please, give what you can, every bit helps us reach the goal and put on these rallies we really want to perform. Thanks for all of your support.

This alert was sent by a Facebook member, but no link attached.  Please visit Facebook for more info!


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November 9, 2008 at 4:02 pm

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