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How does Canada – which allows gay marriage – see the US?

‘A step along the road of social evolution’

Canada shows the US the way to go

Jim Coyle
Toronto Star, June 19
“Who’d have imagined that the relentless liberalising of Canada, a country known (if at all) for natural ruggedness and gap-toothed hockey players, would come to be defined by a photo of two slight, middle-aged gay men in conservative suits toasting each other with champagne glasses after marrying in downtown Toronto … But increasingly in Canada, once regarded as among the more prudish, uptight and regulated places in the free world, it is possible for consenting adults to do pretty much what they like …”Canada, it seems, is truly a distinct society … In recent weeks and months we have seen what would previously have been regarded as utterly unCanadian bursts of assertiveness … It seems we’re all grown up and intent on doing things our way, whether or not the Americans like the idea of their young people coming up to Woodstock North to toke up or, in the case of gays, tie the knot.”

New York Times
Editorial, June 19
“The landmark ruling came down from the north with some of the simple delight of a June wedding announcement: ‘Same-sex couples are capable of forming long, lasting, loving and intimate relationships.’ In unanimously affirming the obvious, an Ontario appeals court opened the way for Canada to end the bar on marriage between partners of the same sex …

“Unfortunately, the United States has a long way to go to match Canada’s record of tolerance on this issue … The American public is not yet as ready to accept marriages between same-sex partners as a natural part of the landscape … but change will be unstoppable in time, whatever the pace proves to be.”

Michael Coren
National Post, Canada, June 19
“Oh for the gift of hindsight. One day people will look back to the early years of the 21st century in Canada and wonder why the desires of a small number of people within, perhaps, 3% of the population, should receive so much publicity and be acted upon with such alacrity by politicians and judges. I refer of course to gay marriage …

“That gay people will live together, love together and spend productive and generous lives together is axiomatic. Only a zealot would argue otherwise. They should be, and are, protected by legislation … Thank goodness for that. But when an ancient, important and holy institution is labelled ‘unconstitutional’ by a court and its meaning exploded, we have to take a stand … If marriage is suddenly fundamentally altered to include people of the same gender, it loses it genuine meaning to the rest of us.”

Barbara Yaffe
Vancouver Sun, June 14
“Those who ‘can’t stomach’ the thought of gay marriage should comfort themselves by viewing it the way most of us view people who say outrageous and unacceptable things. It’s worth giving them the right to spout off to uphold the right of free speech.

“Canada is a liberal country known for its tolerance and respect for individual liberties. We must safeguard those characteristics even if it means we sometimes disapprove of what they may lead to … Bible-thumpers will predict the end of the world, of course, as is their right. But gay marriage is nothing more than another step along the road of social evolution in Canada.”

Lawrence R Helfer
International Herald Tribune, June 19
“The Canadian decisions are hardly an aberration. In the last decade, national and local lawmakers in dozens of countries have enacted laws to bar discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation … Recent events have created rifts between the US and the rest of the world over important questions of law and policy. But respect for human rights should not be among them. When it comes to protecting the basic civil liberties of all people, including lesbians and gay men, the US should lead the world, not lag behind it.”


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November 19, 2008 at 12:45 am

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