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Discussion Group: Harvey Milk

To all the disenfranchised congregants from Catholic churches who, like me, finally realize – in the aftermath of Prop 8 – that the Catholic Church DOES NOT LOVE US, please come to the Church of the Master, a Lutheran church on Santa Monica Boulevard.

The pastor there married us, and he’s a loving, intelligent man of God who cherishes the loving bonds between all couples.

After mass on Sunday, 12/7/08, the pastor wants to have a discussion group addressing the film “Milk” and its relevance to Prop 8. (He and his wife were actually there in San Francisco during Harvey Milk’s time.) Come! Join us. Google the church for the address. It’s basically Santa Monica and Westwood.

Peace and love my gay brothers and sisters! And all our loving straight brothers and sisters too!

–This was sent to me anonymously


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November 24, 2008 at 6:14 pm

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