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A Time Of Thanks

As we sit down to our turkey — or tofu — dinner, remember the origin of the holiday.  It is a time of thanks.  It is in this spirit, I thank the following:

My parents:  Though it wasn’t easy to hear that their only daughter was gay, they searched their hearts and have loved me for who I am.

My brother:  Who when I first told him I was gay, 18 years ago, said, “Whatever, you’ll always be sis.”

My daughter:  For making me understand just how precious life is.

My extended family:  My aunts that danced with my partner at family weddings, my uncles for dealing us in at their card games at family reunions and my cousins that always hugged us as they welcomed us or said good-bye. 

This is family. 

And finally, to my partner.  This is marriage.  Not the legal status we don’t have, but the feelings and the bond that we share.  I rushed you to the ER after the car accident.  You held my hand as I hugged the toilet during that awful bout with the flu.  I ate an extra helping of barely cooked pasta because you were trying to learn how to cook.  You didn’t laugh when I said that I wanted to be a writer.  We both fell in love with one cute white dog that needed a home.  And, that’s what we have honey, home.  This is marriage.


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November 27, 2008 at 5:08 pm

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