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Is gay community focusing too much on marriage, too little on AIDS?

Are gay-rights activists focusing too much in Proposition 8 when a much larger issue is looming in the gay community? That’s the intriguing questions asked by Johann Hari on the Huffington Post. Hari writes about the arrival of super-AIDS, “a new, more toxic mutation of the HIV virus, quicker and invulnerable to drug treatment.” He says the gay community needs to focus more attention on the potential disaster this new AIDS threat could bring:

Today, we are all loudly focusing on the danger from Proposition 8 and its foul theocratic supporters – but this slower threat is swelling alongside it in silence. Some doctors have tried to warn against this narcoleptic response. HIV physician Dr. James Braun warned a recent Retrovirus conference that the transmission of treatment-resistant HIV is “a disaster waiting to happen.” But the refusal to listen, the determination to keep on barebackin’, shouldn’t surprise us. The gay community is facing a string of HIV crises – and we are hitting the snooze button on all of them.

At the S.F. Weekly, writer Peter Jamison also has a contrarian take on Prop. 8 — noting that democracy and equal rights don’t always go together:

Another voice has arisen amid these plaintive notes, and it is one that speaks not with regret, but with something close to icy assurance. Its argument is that democracy is no guarantor of civil rights, and that Prop 8’s success is thus, in the long run, irrelevant. Disenfranchised minorities have never advanced their cause at the ballot box, but through the federal and judiciary mechanisms designed to ensure equal protection under the law. One need look no further for evidence than the 1954 U.S. Supreme Court Case Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, which forced school desegregation upon unwilling states.

–Shelby Grad


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