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Accusations of Violence & Vandalism

I have read reports on Christian web-sites — though none in legitimate press — of physical violence and vandalism of Gay Rights Supporters towards Christians and Mormons.  I’m certain that much of it is exaggeration, but still urge those to resist the temptation of violence and vandalism.

Have they resisted their temptations of the same?  Certainly not, or I wouldn’t be typing names of GLBT deceased into our sister web-site, The PATH Project ( on a daily basis.  And should we feel anger?  Certainly.  We had basic human rights stripped from us, and we’ve had another layer of stigma placed upon us.  But we have to rise above this to move forward with our goal of achieving Equality.  We need to lick our wounds, learn from mistakes, and look to the future.

Though we understand your frustration, and the need to scream to be heard, please make the religious groups aware of their ignorance through peaceful means such a letter writing campaigns, boycotts and marches. 

Having moved from the Midwest to California, I have learned a valuable lesson, which is to state calmly, not yell, that I am gay.  I worked in many conservative, small town office buildings, where I presented myself exactly as they were.  I set out photos of my daughter on my desk, and exchanged recipes and some gossip.  I became their friend and gave lifts home from work when needed.  Only after they got to know me, did I “come out”.  I never lost a friend and one office included in their employment handbook a clause on discrimination due to sexual orientation.

Sometimes the best way to achieve your goal is not by slapping them in the face with it, but by holding their hand.


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November 30, 2008 at 5:26 am

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