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30 Years Later

Today I saw the movie Milk, starring Sean Penn.  Penn was fabulous, along with the entire cast, superb acting, and Gus Van Sant really caught San Francisco of the 70s.  The story had drama, comedy and an endearing romance. 

As wonderful as the movie was — and I believe everyone should see it — I couldn’t help but feel depressed.  Thirty years later there are still the same chants (Get Out Of The Bars & Into The Streets), the same fight for Equality, and the Christians still see us as perverts who are out to get their children. 

Thirty years, several hundred deaths and countless protests later and the US still doesn’t have a national Hate Crimes Bill passed or legislation regarding discrimination in housing or employment to include sexual orientation.  How much longer will we be denied? 

Maybe the Gays of San Franciso in the 1970s had it right:



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December 1, 2008 at 12:12 am

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