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Making Blanket Statements

We are angry at fellow Californians, and we feel betrayed by Churches.  Still, it being World AIDS Day (today), we thought we should focus on remembering friends and loved ones lost to the terrible disease.  We pulled our thoughts together and stepped foot in a church, where the AIDS Quilt display is being held.

Instead of frustration, we felt such peace in the small Lutheran church, and the pastor showed us the 4 panels of the quilt, stating that this was the second year that they had held the honor of displaying the memorial.  He spoke softly and we felt the tensions go from us.  He spent time with us, letting us vent our feelings.  This is a true pastor with a true heart.

Let us not lump together all churches into one evil thing that is out to destroy the GLBT Community.  Instead, be thankful that so many churches welcome us; the ones who understand true Christianity, and those with who we can be ourselves.

If you’re in the area, Hollywood Lutheran is one of those places.  They even perform Gay Weddings, so visit to arrange your special day.


Written by kickingalion

December 1, 2008 at 11:46 pm

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