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Why continue the fight?

I have better things to do than spend four hours a day scouring the web for news, publishing information on four web-sites and answering hateful emails dropped into my in-box during the dark of night.

I remember when my time was donated to painting houses for Habitat For Humanity or participating in the Breast Cancer Walk, my money was donated to Heifer International — where the goal is to end poverty and starvation — and the Diabetes Foundation.

The glory days of choosing restaurants to dine at simply because of their food and enjoying a movie because I thought it would be funny, are gone. Now, my days are filled with scanning lists to see if I can shop at a favorite store, or if I can listen to music from a wonderful radio station.

So why do I continue to battle against inequality? Because no one is going to stand up for my rights, but me.

This fight isn’t just about Gay Marriage. This is about Equality, to end the stigma of being gay and to stand proud instead of hiding in fear. If we continue to fight, maybe one day there will be no gay “jokes” at the office, maybe a confused teen will not find their only answer with a bullet and maybe the world will be better place.

I’m an idealist, an optimist or maybe delusional. But I see a future where it doesn’t matter if two women hold hands as they stroll in a park, where discrimination is a forgotten word and where humanity rules above oppression. I only hope that my grandchildren see this world, and read about Prop 8 and the PATH Project in their history. And I hope that they wonder what the big deal was about gay marriage.

I’m also a realist. After the GLBT community rises above the challenge and is seen as equal to the heterosexual community, people will find another target. Another group, a minority, will be selected for discrimination.

Why? Because people turn off their logic and stop asking questions. They are motivated by fear and are afraid of those “different” or the unknown. Leaders will tell them what to do, and they will follow. Their is no better way to pull a group of people together, than to create a mutual enemy. And someone will be needed to lead the herd.

My heart goes out to the next group… Stand strong. You’ll be in for a very long fight.


Written by kickingalion

November 28, 2008 at 10:23 pm