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Replies to My Letters

Here is a copy of the letter which I sent to EVERY publicly elected official who supported the ban:

Dear ,

I am writing to your in regards to your support of California’s Proposition 8. As a representative of the people, I am certain that you are familiar with all of the amendments of the U.S. Constitution. I am referring to the First Amendment’s “separation of church and state” clause. Also of note are the amendments 14, 15, 19 and 24, which protect minorities (African Americans and women in those cases).


The Mormon “Church” breached the church and state boundary to funnel $15 million into a smear campaign, which targeted a minority. They successfully mislead the voters into stripping this minority of previously legal rights. This is a very dangerous situation, and a threat to all civil liberties.


It is your obligation to represent every person in your district. We are all entitled to equal representation and protection under the U.S. Constitution and your current stance on this issue fails to represent or protect the gay and lesbian communities. I urge you to reconsider your position.


———— &

I’ve received two replies, as below:

Thank you for your e-mail. There’s no position that I take as a public
official, large or small, that comprises 100 percent of the people of
the people I represent. I’m free to exercise my freedom of speech and
speak out on issues that affect us, including those beyond my
jurisdiction. One benefit is that it helps define my views and
philosophy which is of value to the voters who elected me and who will
consider any future bid for re-election.

Sorry we disagree on this, but elected officials have 1st amendment
rights, too.
Dick Daniels

Thank you for your e-mail. Sometimes individuals have to “agree to disagree” on certain topics, and clearly this is the case here.

Your are mistaken in suggesting that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (often referred to as the “Mormon Church”) contributed any money to the campaign for Proposition 8. The church did not. Many Mormons did so voluntarily, along with thousands of others from various faiths, communities, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds. There has been no violation of the Federal or State constitutions. It has been offensive to me to see such religious bigotry and the “blaming” of this victory on Mormons.

Like the millions of people who voted in favor of Proposition 22 back in 2000 and the nearly 6,000,000 who once again voted for Proposition 8 last week, my support continues to be based on my belief that the term “marriage” should define the relationship between a man and a woman, and “civil union” should define that of a same sex couple’s commitment. Under existing California State law the rights and privileges are essentially the same. I do not believe this to be discrimnatory.

I have found over the years in my public service that individuals almost always have differences of opinion about certain issues. No elected official represents the identical values of a voter. The way we get things accomplished, though, is by finding the things we do agree on — in my community it’s fiscal responsibility, preserving open space and our Urban Limit Line, creating solutions to traffic, safety, helping youth and seniors, and implementing green policies to protect our resources.

Although I have not yet seen the breakdown of how the citizens of Danville voted on Proposition 8, clearly the overwhelming majority do feel that I represent them well. Despite highly publicized criticism by a few about my position on Proposition 8, I was re-elected to the Town Council and received nearly the same number of votes (within 1%) of my fellow council-members who were also re-elected.

I shall continue to to treat all of the citizens of my community, regardless of their sexual orientation, with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Best Regards,

Candace Andersen
Mayor, Town of Danville
510 La Gonda Way
Danville, CA 94526
Tel. (925) 858-4466
Fax (925) 648-9718


Written by kickingalion

November 13, 2008 at 3:37 pm

Letter Writing Campaign II: Awareness to Advertisers

As you well know, the Mormon Church funneled $15 million into the “Yes on Prop 8” Campaign.  What you may not know is that the Mormon Church owns a company called the Bonneville Corp.  Bonneville owns and operates many radio stations nationwide.  List of assets available here

Do you think their advertisers would like to know that they are supporting hate mongers?

1)  Pick a radio station:

In Salt Lake City:  100.3FM, 102.7FM, 103.5FM, 820AM, 1160AM, 5 (KSL-TV)

In St. Louis:  92.3FM, 101.1FM, 106.5FM, 1430AM

In Chicago:  97.1FM, 96.9FM, 100.3FM, 101.9FM

In Washington DC:  103.5FM, 103.9FM, 107.7FM, 1500AM, 820AM, 1050AM, 104.1FM

In Phoenix:  98.7FM, 92.3FM, 620AM, 860AM

In Seattle:  710AM, 770AM, 97.3FM

In Cincinnati:  94.9FM, 97.3FM, 101.9FM, 105.1FM

In Los Angeles:  100.3 The Sound

2)  Listen to them (many stream on the web), write down their advertisers and write a letter!  Using you can find their advertisers address. 

Many of these advertisers DO NOT KNOW that they are supporting an organization which finances hate.  Simply write a letter asking them to take their advertising dollars elsewhere.

Written by kickingalion

November 8, 2008 at 3:14 pm

Letter Writing Campaign I: Inform The Ignorant

Don’t just boycott companies that supported Prop 8, write them a letter explaining that you cannot support a company that erased your Rights!

The following is a list found on After Ellen.  Simply use to locate their address and *presto* you are armed with all you need to inform the ignorant!  It’s a daunting list, but if you send just 5 letters a day, it will take less than a month.

Ag West Distributing Co

Alpasina Insurance Services
Unable to locate info

American Build & Design, Inc

American Focus
Alhambra, CA
Automated Environments

Bambrick & Associates
Anaheim, CA

Best Tire and Automotive
San Pedro, CA

Bluefields Creative

Rich Bott-Bott Radio Network
Fresno/Modesto/Merced 99.9FM

Bradley L. Quick Insurance Agency
Escondido, CA

Briden Wilson Farm
Arbuckle, CA

Buildex Inc.
Granite Bay, CA

Busy Little Bee Daycare
San Jose, CA

CC Layne & Sons Inc
Unable to locate info

Carter Construction Company (Texas based)

Chiropractic Family Health Center
El Cajon, CA

Classic Clean, Inc.
Los Gatos, CA

Community West Mortgage
Scotts Valley, CA

Cornerstone Custom Construction
Unable to locate info

Cottonwood Quilting

Culp Diversified Properties
Red Bluff, CA

Curry Copy Center of Hemet

Cyrus Tree Service 

David Smalley MD
Riverside, CA

Design Electric
Pleasanton, CA

Direct to You Mobile Dentistry
Murrieta, CA 

Duncan’s Auto Sales
Corning, CA

Ebmeyer Charter and Tour

Salinas, CA

Environmental Geology Services

Esthetique Dental Center
Auburn, CA (Wisconsin based)

Fahillion Technology Consultants
San Luis Obispo, CA

Fetal Diagnostic Center
Mission Viejo, CA

The Fire & Cop Shop
Moreno Valley, CA

First Data Cardservice
Laguna Beach, CA

First Experiences Preschool
Bakersfield, CA

First Security Home Loans
Poway, CA

GFBB Benefits and Insurance
Roseville, CA

Golden Door Press
Santa Rosa, CA

Guy Strohmeiers Auto Center
Lakeport, CA

Harmonious Scents

Haws, Record & Magnusson, Attorneys at Law
Santa Barbara, CA
Home Instead Senior Care

Honda Car Repair
Tracy, CA

I Wannabe Costumes
West Sacramento, CA

Images by Aida
Sherman Oaks, CA

Riverside, CA
Even ads on website for protect marriage

Inspired Stylus Writing and Copyediting
affiliated with iNetMatrix
Riverside, CA

Jason’s Glass Tint
San Clemente, CA 

Justin A. March Associates
El Cajon, CA

Kerr Real Estate Advisors
Fair Oaks, CA

Knapp Financial
Calabasas, CA

Lampstand Studios (Colorado based)

Land Resource Investments (Nevada based)

The Law Office of H. Craig Miller
Roseville, CA

Law Offices of Kimber B. Goddard
Sacramento, CA

Lewis Appliance Repair and Installation
Los Banos, CA

Lion’s Roar Media
Victorville, CA

Maximum Marketing Inc
Bakersfield, CA

MJ Baxter Drilling Company
El Cajon, CA
May be affliliated with M.J.B. Floral Services

San Diego, CA

Napa Valley Engraving
Napa, CA
Encinitas, CA

NorthBay Neonatology Associates

Pacific Coast Auto Body
San Diego, CA

PaperPack, Inc. (Georgia based)

Quietcool, inc
Winchester, CA

RCS Door Service
Salida, CA

Reimer’s Wholesale Nursery
Bakersfield, CA

Reliable Referrals LLC (Wisconsin based)

Resources For Continuing Education, Inc

RF Sweet & Associates Real Estate
Palm Desert, CA

Rickert Cabinetry

Roche Oil, Inc
Tulare, CA

Rockingham Asset Management
Los Angeles, California

RPM Events, Inc.
San Luis Rey, Ca

The Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System (SCVHHS)
Santa Clara, CA

Schindler & Schindler Inc
Fountain Valley, CA

Scott McDonald & Assoc.
Scott McDonald is former Marketing Manager for the California D. A.

Senior Helper’s
Fresno, CA

Sheppard & Associates Insurance Agency
Citrus Heights, CA

Sibling Systems
Roseville, CA

Splash! Designworks (Delaware based)
Dover, Delaware

Stubblefield Family Chiropractic
Yuba City, CA

Superior Notary, LLC
Rocklin, CA

Tri-Valley Propac, Inc
Danville, CA

Tropical Sands Vacations
Corona, CA

Valencia Tax Service

Warren Photography
Victorville, CA

The Wellness Advantage (Arizona based)
Scottsdale, AZ

West Coast Commercial Mortgage, Inc
Huntington Beach, CA

White Diamond Jewelers
Canoga Park, CA
Bakersfield, California

The this is not complete, there were a few that I could find no info on, you can see the list in full at

Written by kickingalion

November 8, 2008 at 2:59 pm